October 10, 2012

NEW TRACK: Eyedress - "I Knew I Was Right About This"

At a very young age of 22, Idris Vicuna has established himself as a prolific digi-pop tweaker responsible for some of the most refreshing indie gems of recent memory, waxing guitar duties for fuzzy dream-wavers Bee Eyes while also moonlighting as bedroom producer and synth-wielding romantic for his solo project, Eyedress. Not to mention, he’s also collaborated with a few respectable music acts inside and outside the country, from singer-songwriter Marcea Decker on the Mind Slums’ EP to upcoming artist Louise Ferguson on the new Beko release “I Knew I Was Right About This.”

The latter has that sense of challenge and morse-code quality that felt so pronounced it’s almost impossible to detect the introverted, starry-eyed lover introduced in his narrative. The production, while still as equally compelling as his most intimate work, sounds distant and cold, lost in the wilderness of urban alienation. Judging from the casio-tone loneliness looping around “I Knew I Was Right About This,” Idris seems like he doesn't want to stagnate and stay stuck in what he knows best. He outgrows quite a number of mannerisms that we once fell in love with—from the downcast singing to the dramatic synth sweeps, and moves on with a different vibe in mind, even if it means that he has to let someone echo the sadness he feels instead of him doing it for himself.

“I Knew I Was Right About This” shows this slight change of direction. This time, you can feel the claustrophobic atmosphere of where they are recording, and with just a repetitive organ pulse and a kickdrum beat—Idris provides the nighttime minimalism that tempers the naturalist mood of the song, letting Louise Ferguson’s washed-out baritone do most of the talking. It’s nuanced and quiet enough that there’s no need to further touch it, or dissect its meaning. The daring sense of space and the voice alone makes for every detail of the emotional yearning, capturing an intimate longing that’s rich with possibilities. Stream the track below:

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