October 5, 2012

NEW TRACK: Feen - "Cynosure"

Local electronic artist Feen has finally dropped the new track “Cynosure” after a year of dishing songs from their underrated DnB-heavy record Propaganda. Thick with 808 kick drums, liquid bass lines and a decent blend of sparse industrial melodies and chopped up beats, “Cynosure” is an elevating track that's perfect for perking up a sullen crowd.

It doesn’t need assaulting breakbeats or hostile techno shrieks to give the song an extra push; Juno Limjap’s commanding vocals alone can build a dramatic force that leads to an explosive dance anthem of all sorts. There's also a nymph-like quality in it that sounded strangely charming amidst the edgy triphop booms. Find yourself in between jolts and trance as you move to this track. - Mary Christine Galang

Download it here.

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