October 7, 2012

NEW TRACK: Greyhoundz - "Gaba"

Making a comeback isn't exactly what you can say about Greyhoundz releasing a new single because that automatically comes with answering the question, “But were they really gone?”

With "Gaba" – Pinoy concept of karmic retribution – the band displays that undeniable Greyhoundz sound as characterized by Reg Rubio’s distinct and powerful vocals. The song opens with a flash of guitar riffs alongside Rubio singing “Just can’t have fun and not get hit / You live by the gun you die by it” which can also be said about the band’s career. Playing to their strengths, they have built a strong following as a result of countless Pulp Summer Slam appearances and ever-growing Brgy. Tibay and Chronic Wheeze gigs – undeniably the crowd that appreciates and lives for this scene.

As per usual, Nino Avenido’s bass lines will never go unnoticed, with thumping licks only he can do with much suave and is a thousand times impressive during live shows. Every bass-wielding rock-star wannabe out there should shell out money and attend a gig just to see this rock virtuoso kill it live. On this note, "Gaba" unquestionably has that Greyhoundz trademark – from the lyrics (which can be heard as a sort of warning to those who don’t want to pay their dues) to the frenzied drumming of Brillantes and the screeching and howling of Audie Avenido’s guitars.

Maybe that’s one of the greatest things about being indispensable in the scene. Through time you develop watermark of some sort so no one can say dibs on a Greyhoundz sound aside from Greyhoundz themselves. With this single bringing their legion of fans up in arms as they await for the new album, it is pretty much safe to say that they can expect this new material to be same solid Greyhoundz sound they’ve all been dying to hear again. In the last dying seconds of the song where Rubio screams “You can't get away from this,” you better believe it. - Weng Cahiles

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