October 22, 2012

NEW TRACK: Julianne - "Ex-Factor" (Lauryn Hill Cover)

There’s no formula for a successful cover. Sometimes, you just need to take a song in a new light or perspective; careful not to dress it up with a personality that you can't call your own. R&B songstress Julianne recognizes this idea and puts her soothing, lemony spin on Lauryn Hill’s breakup classic without straying too far from it. With the help of singer-songwriter Carlos Castano, Julianne gives “Ex-Factor” a touch of her personal style, emphasizing the uniqueness of her voice in a stripped down performance that eschews the gloomy vibe of the original for a pocketful-of-sunshine kind of warmth. 

Be prepared to reminisce about the times you've had with an old flame and spin this heartbreaker on repeat.


  1. Is this from her upcoming album "Ashes to Beauty"?

  2. Hi Marvin. Not sure if this will be included in Julianne's upcoming album. We'll update you once we got the deets. Thank you for the comment.



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