October 26, 2012

NEW TRACK: KaapiN - "Everyone's The Same"

Judging from the hidden gems we’ve found online, experimental pop/IDM duo KaapiN might be the most interesting export that came out from Cebu since Faspitch. At its mighty finest, KaapiN’s amalgam of eerily minimalist soundscapes and digitized textures showcase an aesthetic that bridges the space between technology and human emotions, amplified in a gossamer-thin electro pulse that articulates the new kind of loneliness and longing brought about by our constant connectedness.

“Everyone’s The Same” honors these feelings, bursting out all over a sheet of android noise and saccharine melodies. Plenty of things are going behind this cyborg wallop, but if you get past that, the song reverberates with something much deeper, leafing through a series of disconnected and connected emotional wiring that binds us all. Stream this amazing new track below:

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