October 1, 2012

NEW TRACK: Kimmie x B-Roc - "Walk The Talk"

Like J. Lo and Ja Rule, Nelly and Kelly, or Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Kimmie and B-Roc know how to turn up the heat without overdoing it. Carrying “Walk the Talk,” Kimmie flips her words effortlessly, a style more reminiscent of TLC than Lil’ Kim, and shifts between rap and singing with sharpness and ease. Her voice clutches, following the beat of synths and drums, and her hooks stick instead of slipping away. As she shows off her skill, B-Roc trails her behind and brags about meeting a lot of chicks, Kimmie possibly one of them, a rendezvous that turns out to be quite productive. This collaboration has so much steam in it that its title couldn’t have been anything but appropriate. - Richard Bolisay

Stream the track below:

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