October 12, 2012

NEW TRACK: Nemesis Q - "Doppel"

Not everyone’s a witness to the mammoth size of a genius that is Jayme Ancla. Outside his guitar duties for alt-psychedelia band The Strangeness, he turns to his hiphop alter-ego Nemesis Q for some bedroom comfort, lashing out on Tito Sotto and forgotten ‘80s tabloid drama over cluttered, funky beats and mellow jazz breaks. At the risk of being laughed at, he wears the mask of a noir storyteller that spins tales of cold violence and bloodied revenge, his fangs way too sharp that it cuts on steel egos and bikini tops with an easy nibble.

On “Dopple,” Jayme pulls off a rehashed psychoanalytical thriller on record with an entirely refreshing take, spitting pig-sick venom one moment and humanly realizations the next. He battles with his mind like Norman Bates would on a regular day. Then he decides to torture the bitch that cheated on him, works his way to clean the crime scene after as if nothing happened, and drives to his ex’s house to destroy every pictures of them together with slanted rage. He raps:

So, I drove into her house, breaking every picture of us being together like a fuckin earthmover. I tied her upside down then stab her fuckin neck. Then she looked at me "Who are you?" as she fuckin wept. 

Jayme has a macabre imagination that could rival even the oddest of misogynistic morality tales, taking gruesome content to a heartbreaking art-form instead of just the usual grim. He’s Nick Cave trying to get through Childish Gambino’s soul with an effortless street cred, and when he completely immerses himself to the act, his schizoid panoply of words leaves you emptied and stunned. And worse, it gets you stoned for a day trying to figure out where that canned of a wisdom came from. Stream the new track below:

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