October 30, 2012

NEW TRACK: Oktaves - "K.U.P.A.L."

Ely Buendia has taken a bit of aesthetic turn: he now joins Nitoy Adriano of The Jerks and the Padilla brothers on a new hard rock band called Oktaves. There’s that burden of living up to the expectation of being labeled a supergroup, but on their new track “K.U.P.A.L.,” Ely and gang keeps it straight up and simple, swiping pretty heavily on feral riffs and unabashed rock n’ roll fury like some form of classic-rock worship is about to take us in a sweep. Never one to back down, Ely shows that he can screw around dirty, teeth-rattling guitar chords with a bluesy strut, taking its listeners to a time when rock music was about fun and gratuitous sexual tension. Stream it below:

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