October 14, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Pervs - "Wind-Up Frogs"

In an attempt to recapture the glory of bands such as The Ramones and New York Dolls, Cebu’s beloved punk quartet, The Pervs comes off as drunkards always looking for reasons to get mugged and punched in the gut, shamelessly asserting their love for three chord menace with a bewildering energy that could get them in trouble at any given rate. Boiled down to its  essentials, their new track “Wind-up Frogs” grinds the band’s charismatic, low-key attitude with tension and excitement, turning your attention to its wild mood swings. Still out in the streets with their rust-covered pipes, The Pervs delivers in-your-face anthem that encapsulates everything the group loves about late ‘70s rock music and early ‘80s punk—played considerably shorter and more fun as if the night’s running out of time. Download the track here:

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