October 21, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Ringmaster - "First Cistern"

A peek into The Ringmaster’s intricately produced, bedroom indie-pop reveals a beautiful future to imagine. Though not exactly schmaltzy or twee, the outtakes released over the past few months contain sweet, straightforward melodies and chilly instrumentation that serve as backdrop to Francis Lorenzo’s sentimental glow, teasing us on what to expect from his upcoming debut album, Delusions of Reference.

“First Cistern,” another outtake that unfortunately didn’t make it to the record’s final cut, strikes a seamless balance between pop songcraft and charm, evoking a kind of warm-weather driving music that’s painted with cold, deep impressionism. This time, Francis gives more of himself, not allowing the surface beauty of melodies overpower its layers of emotional contour. Stream the track below:

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