October 28, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Youth - "Laruan"

It can’t be denied that The Youth remains to be a big influence on most thriving rock bands of today, hitting the two-decade mark with a reputation of bringing realness and primal energy in the grand scheme of rock n’ roll tradition. After almost a decade of not releasing any material despite being active on local gig circuits and rock festivals, The Youth returns with a new song called “Laruan”—a ragged, post-grunge tribute to childhood that delivers scum-bucket seriousness with more edge and teeth.

But it’s still classic Dodong Cruz, the bad-ass punk whino who’d willingly lay waste to the floor and let his parodied machismo speak. Exploding over raucous guitar-rock frenzy and a live-in-the-room performance, he can’t help but wonder, “Simple lang noon!” It’s an indispensible showcase of a legendary band that shows no signs of stopping, giving us, listeners a signature sound exhausted in the most refreshing way possible. Check it out:

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