October 18, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Eyedress Feat. Skint Eastwood - "Salaamin"

If you’ve been following Idris Vicuna’s solo project, Eyedress for almost a year now, then you know he doesn’t want to leave his deck without jumping from one cool idea to another, with each release carrying a certain element and style that distinguishes one from the other. On his new single “Salaamin” from his newly released EP Beko_200, Idris translates his wide-ranging influences to a shapeshifting wash of astral beats and synths, bearing an imaginative adoption of druggy R&B and futurism with minimalist sound design in mind.

Newcomer Skint Eastwood gets her breakout moment on this intricate electro jam, her vocal flourish wrapping itself entirely around a celestial swoosh, echoing life’s crashing moments in blissful, sweet surrender. Few singers can pull it off for sure, but might suffer from blandness or too much melismatic drawl. Skint on the other hand, strikes me as someone who can combine poise and mystique with a renewed sense of character, making you believe that everything will be fine by just hearing the whip of her voice glide into Eyedress’ heavenly ambient frost. Check it:

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