October 25, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Hopie - "Heartbeats"

It’s no secret that most hardworking female MCs today resort to skinning their music with a sexualized, pop star artifice in order to get through the male-dominated urban market. Manila-born femcee Hopie deconstructs this fact with a schoolyard taunt and confidence that adjusts smoothly to an array of sounds and influences, giving the world her distinct take on hiphop.

Hopie’s new single “Heartbeats” proves that she was ahead of the curve as an enemy-deflating feminist rapping over The Knife’s synth-pop smash. She smack-talks with uncompromising energy, snapping a shit-talking bait that is at once calm and cool. But she holds up even better by just allowing the cheerleader in her do most of the talking. “Not all of them can handle your fly,” Hopie advises her fellow empowered women. There’s nothing that quite hits awesomeness than skewing hiphop’s masculinity with a bubblegum flow.

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