October 9, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Kalayo - "Sumigla, Sumayaw"

Kalayo plainly sees no boundaries. They’re a living proof that music transcends across borders and wanders past cultural differences. “Sumigla, Sumayaw”—the latest single off their Kalayo Malaya LP—provides a fresh perspective on the pan-global sound that they strut their funk on, bringing together people from different colors and backgrounds to a bare-footed communal dance somewhere outside the grimy, dirty cosmopolis.

“Sama-sama muna tayo at mag-indakan, iwanan natin ang gulo,” Sammy Asuncion tells us, his yearning intertwines with the world at large, giving us a euphoric, five-minute Earth jam that calls for unity and harmony. It serves those who got on board with them, a thing or two about the emerging global culture and the greater good that it does to mankind. But more than anything else, it brings us closer to a world completely divorced from the concepts of geography, a place where we could let loose of ourselves and dance to just one beat.

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