October 6, 2012

NEW VIDEO: She's Only Sixteen - "Dying To Meet You"

As if The Strokes wasn’t enough, third wave, garage rock revival is making its presence felt this year, from The Charmes’ fun-loving guitar rock to The Strangeness’ cult-inspired, smashing-windshields psychedelia. Suddenly, everybody wants to be next The Velvet Underground or The Stooges again, or to a more obscure extent—Television, embracing the loose, primal energy of their heroes while incorporating the ragged revolt of 21st century youth culture and ennui.

She’s Only Sixteen belongs to this new wave of stripped raw guitar bands from The Philippines that you don’t feel sorry to have existed this late, updating their old fashioned, less-is-more aesthetic with a more commercial sound and boyish appeal. Their new single “Dying To Meet You” is a proof of this bristling revival, a fist-in-the-air mosher that’s too charming to ignore because it’s just that good. It’s rife with solid, driving rhythms and hooks reminiscent of The Strokes, sneaking its way to you like a love letter from a dusting cabinet. Check it here:

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