November 13, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Broken Leslies - "A Little Love"

Once again, kick-ass rock n’ roll is resurrected in the form of The Broken Leslie’s “A Little Love” and it offers unexpected freshness in its garage-punk orthodoxy, something that’s been missing in most hard rock releases of the past few years. Here, Raphael Pulgar howls and screams like a man set on fire, all rage and wild, running in apocalyptic speed so as to catch up with the lurching groove of mammoth, chunky rock verses and overdriven, tortured guitars. 

It’s actually over the top in a fun, riotous way. Think of The White Stripes or Stones, restless in playing that familiar classic rock jams made dirtier in execution, but with a bit of style and modern vibe thrown to it. And with Bianca Marbella pounding on the organ like Motown never happened, “A Little Love” explores more than what loud music is all about: that it’s got soul too, and there’s more to this raw aggression than dismissing it as ungodly waste of trash. Stream this amazeballs now or die:

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