November 21, 2012

NEW TRACK: Feen - "Ero Mekkanik"

For all of the stylistic hopscotch being played, Feen’s “Ero Mekkanik” brings to mind a more ambient version of Up Dharma Down’s first single “Maybe,” furrowing on haunted washes of pitched up vocals and drum n' bass loops. Yes, both songs share the same pulsating groove tossed in London Elektricity bit, refined with dreamy ambient guitars that swirl upwards and downwards in circular motion. But unlike “Maybe” trying to put a bit of Janis Joplin into the blender to make it sound more organic in its own mesmeric turn, Feen’s “Ero Mekkanik” relocates everything to a zero-gravity climate somewhere in 1990's London, covering itself with warehouse breakbeats and ethereal-thick touchdowns.   Blast this in full volume and watch as the dancefloor bleed in radiating, purple red. Download it here:

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