November 3, 2012

NEW TRACK: Glaiza De Castro x Angelica Panganiban - "Barcelona"

Much ado has been said about celebrities trying to dabble into music, but for every talentless hack sucking the thick noise pollution out of EDSA for a quick recording cash-grab, we’ve also got people like Glaiza De Castro and Angelica Panganiban willing to make unconventional choices, recording songs that are first and foremost devoid of commercial trappings while waxing Crayola-tinged poetics with Sundance melodies and lilting Lilith Fair sheen in mind.

Yes, "Barcelona" takes a stab at love balladry in the Hunger Games vein or any tween-hugging blockbuster franchise, draped in ethereal swoon to make it sound like me-against-the-world pronouncements done while watching the buildings around you crumble as you held your partner’s hand and kiss. But there’s also a gesture of small, heartfelt moments that stay in your memory long after the credits have rolled. And that itself, makes this celeb love fodder a must-hear gem for anyone who wants their cup of coffee bittersweet with a bit of spice to it. Stream the track below:


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