November 6, 2012

NEW TRACK: Moonwlk - "Your Nose, Your Throat, Your Words"

Nicholas Lazaro is temporarily down with the noisy indie rock pastiche that brought him and his band Twin Lobster to the game. Out of nowhere, he recruits Gabbi Buencamino as muse to his new music project called Moonwlk. Finding an unlikely spatial comfort between icy and warm pastel sounds, Nick and Gabbi make the kind of synth-pop music that you can groove along to easily and quietly, stepping into some ‘80s throwback with the other foot trying to tap the brighter corners of the future.

Such description perfectly applies to Moonwlk’s debut track “Your Nose, Your Throat, Your Words”—an auspicious introduction to their starry, unassuming burst of electronic glam and snapping beats. This time, Nick allows Gabbi to wear her glitterball ponies and be the Goldfrapp that she is, staying behind her up to the very last straw. It’s a fun, fun song that aims for bedroom production relevance, where pop music is considered to be small intimate conversations between the artist and the audience, and not as how people assume it to be, a stab at ambition and commercial success. Stream the track below:

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