November 26, 2012

NEW TRACK: Pasta Groove Feat. Chedi Vergara - "Maharlika"

If there is one litmus test for every young record producer, it’s the ability to wear any attempt at sonic exploration with a new guise, always thriving for novel ideas and endless possibilities every single time spent on the music lab. Paolo Garcia of Pasta Groove measures up to that gold standard, recruiting Smokey Mountain’s Chedi Vergara on a meditative new age romp with electronic atmospherics that ebb in and out, as if floating in the above spaces.

Paolo pulls off quite a swelling, acidic take on indigenous chant music, arranging a comfy bed of ethereal textures and Zen soundscapes submerged from forested sonic otherworlds. Generous enough, he gives the former Smokey Mountain singer the lone throne of a spiritual alchemist, in which Chedi rises above the swelling digitalia with a voice that is as powerful as the background that molded it. And when she does, it seems eternal and fleeting, taking you to a solid ambient experience like no other. Stream it below:

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