November 27, 2012

NEW TRACK: Spazzkid - "Desperate" (Eggboy Cover)

Spazzkid reconstructs Eggboy’s “Desperate” into a rainbow of Eurodisco joy, painting the material with the campy swoon it needs. Here, Mark Redito inhales and exhales night life in breezy, arms-in-the-air pulse, creating a crosspath where dance music and intimacy are not considered mutually exclusive.

My love for the original version aside, Spazzkid’s version is commendable for its efforts in bringing the dancefloor back to its bedroom roots. As if overhauling is not enough, he retouches the original with Chicago house piano lines and feather-light disco haze, but careful not to blotch too much pink to his own Dionysian party. When Mark Reddito confides, “I am desperate, I think it’s so quiet I need a cigarette,” he meant the world needs to chill once in a while. And he’s right: we all need to give in to the pleasures of life. With this track pumping color and groove nonstop, I don’t see any reason why people would rather spend time fathoming their existence than finding ways to celebrate it. Download the track here.

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