November 14, 2012

NEW TRACK: Spazzkid x Skymarines - "Candy Flavored Lips"

Prolific electronic producer Spazzkid recently hooked up with Skymarines on a purple-tinted, bedtime cradler that captures the numbingly sublime feeling of young love. Together, they push the sonic boundaries of R&B and electronic music to a more esoteric direction—woozied, drugged and liquefied until it enters your consciousness and refuses to leave.

Sure it brings to mind PBR&B stars The-Dream and The Weeknd, or on a local level—Eyedress, but what makes this thing work in a novel context is that the combination of organic percussions and abrasive sonic elements actually fit together, from Skymarines’ wistful singing tone to Spazzkid’s spacious and nocturnal production. Download the track below:


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