November 15, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Bee Eyes - "Who Does"

Fresh from a successful bar tour, Bee Eyes will soon be releasing their new single “Earthworm Jr.,” a sing-along crowd favorite with inescapable summer vibe to boot. And now they’ve also given us a video for their old track “Who Does,” a fuzzy narco-rocker which builds from ghosted noise to distorted guitar squeals.

In the video, we see a drugged Pauline Prieto and Lucy Fischer participating in what appears to be “another” cult ritual for kids and teens, surrounded by Christmas lights, neon props and legos. As it unfolds, the images hop from psychedelic fun to some bizarre form of unorthodox religious staging. I have no idea what the visuals exactly mean, but like so many other Bee Eyes videos, it’s another keeper that’s worth a repeat. Watch it below:

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