November 8, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Ciudad - "You Know The Answer, Just Follow The Leader"

Five studio albums into their career, Ciudad continues to churn out remarkably consistent songs that fuse youthful vigor with sappy fun mess. These guys didn’t even have to suffer from rock n’roll mid-crisis; because Mickey and friends, as depicted in the forever young anthems that they’ve perfected themselves, haven’t really matured in the course of time. Surprisingly, they’re contented in strutting goods the brash, unapologetic way—fucking up with the wasted time of youth culture while leaving it perfectly with memorable tunes you can sing and dance to, regardless of the vibe.

If “You Know The Answer, Just Follow The Leader” is any indication, Ciudad might be grappling the onset of middle age slowly but surely, kicking out the ragged young in them with a lot of questions and uncertainties. “It’s different yes it’s different… It’s not the same old shit you know,” Amistoso tells us, confident but hopeful that changes will go his way.

As for the actual music, Ciudad has now orchestrated their sugar sweet power-pop with more layers and details—paying homage to The Beach Boys and The Beatles instead of revisiting their past work filled with ‘90s college rock worship. But it’s the outro that sets the bar high for this epic softie, giving us nothing but two minutes of daydream heaven. Listen to this and enjoy:

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