November 22, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Forget Me Not – “Sweet Dreams In Your New Shoes”

Bianca Yuzon made it abundantly obvious where her interest in music now lies. On “Sweet Dreams In Your New Shoes,” she mashes up what could be Eurythmic’s biggest global smash in the ‘80s with Kaskade and Dragonette’s Euroclub stomper “In Your Shoes,” twisting and reinterpreting it with a sinister pulse that, more often than not, comes off as its own act of rebel defiance. Her version, topped with a sultry voice that’s part Regina Spektor, part Florence Welch, is stuff made of glittery free spirit and enigmatic art-pop, lashing sound more fit for bigger venues than garage. And yes, she’s willing to wear her influences more brazenly this time around, but she spills over the edges of the song with star-in-the-making vocals that could shame even the latest reality singing competition star on TV. Watch the video below:

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