December 5, 2012

NEW TRACK: Ang Bandang Shirley - "Iyong"

In an attempt to avoid sophomore slump, Ang Bandang Shirley picks up where their more offbeat-leaning pop songs take off, overstuffing it with more room to build and breathe, but careful not to end the whole thing with overkill. On “Iyong,” Selena Salang of Slow Hello takes over the vocal duties, spewing confectioner’s grease as she sings and reaches for that infinite feeling at a heartbeat pace. She confides, “tumigil ang buhay, parang slow-mo—makulay,” and the guitars suddenly clamp down in hisses, giving up its weight to Selena’s  diarist monologue, like the kind of daydream we all wish would never end. Despite that illusory and brief moment, the emotional high never ceases, eventually leading to a grand gesture of power pop sing-along filled with crying and swooning, while allowing the music to roll at a photographic, slow motion run and capture every remaining memories that it could.

Stream the track below:

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