December 11, 2012

NEW TRACK: Frank Magalona - "Hari"

At the center of the spectacle that is “Hari,” Frank Magalona exhibits confidence and humility in equal measures, letting his arsenal of words fall over layers of sonic extravagance and create friction that sends electric daggers right through the listener’s soul. This time, Frank refuses to get acknowledged as the heir to Francis Magalona’s throne or the kid that showed interest in filling the seat. He’s only interested in telling his dad’s story, far from the virtuous paragons of how it was portrayed in the media, completely reflective of how he saw and felt it firsthand.

Yes, it’s obviously another tribute to the king of Pinoy hiphop in the vein of Gloc 9’s “Alalay Ng Hari,” but Frank does something even more difficult: he curates and eulogizes all at the same time, battling his emotions with lines that forge the connection between the rapper and his hero, careful not to sensationalize his story to melodramatic effect. His homage to the late rapper is articulated in ways that, while rooted in real life experiences, can be embraced by everyone tied by the togetherness brought by his music or music, in general. “Hari” claims Francis Magalona’s legacy and throne as if it will be forever his, but more than that, it’s Frank’s way of echoing our sentiments too, that no one can replace the Master Rapper other than the generation that continues to recognize what and where he’s left off.

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