December 2, 2012

NEW TRACK: Gumdrop Season - "Buoyant"

Tell you this much, Cagayan De Oro City is no Manila. But my recent internet cruise in Soundcloud and Bandcamp reveals how much of a hub this southernmost city is, at least to several homemade electro-pop acts.

Gumdrop Season, one of our latest discoveries from CDO, offers a sanctuary that’s happy to accommodate all the guilty pleasures you’ve been harboring from your chart-obsessed pop days, but with the kind of material that takes flight and plays to the band’s strength. Think of Saint Etienne, Techy Romantics and Emma Bunton trapped in a very small room with nothing to do but record, have fun and drop starry synth lines with hooks made out of a bird chirp. The result is nothing short of  fantastic, a proof that these guys can rock a lilting indie dance tune with so much promise and style.

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