December 9, 2012

NEW TRACK: Kagawasan - "Highlow"

You could say that Kagawasan’s brand of spooked, late-night pop intensifies their sense of mystery. Their ferociousness gets under your skin and stays there for quite a long time, veiled like a long dream that quietly recedes in a slow drip of silence and dread. Their new track “Highlow” manifests this endlessly absorbing dreamscape, with Glaiza De Castro’s voice as cold and sharp as ice, wandering in a cacophonous meltdown of ghostly synthetic melodies, martial beats, and psychedelic guitars while wounding everything it touches with razor-cut words honed by emotional distraught. Indeed one of Kagawasan’s most remarkable aspects comes from the languid, elaborately layered ambition that funnels the mood of the song, so humanely touching and distant that it goes beyond what is expected of their appeal. Stream the track below.

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