December 6, 2012

NEW TRACK: Swissy - "After All"

There’s something charismatic about Swissy that sets her apart from fellow jazz-pop contemporaries by a wide margin. Her warm, unflappable voice provides moments of lighthearted goodness, waltzing away like some crazy-beautiful slow dance in the rear-end of summer solstice. Saddled with middle-of-the-road folksiness, Swissy exercises that laidback, carefree voice to greater effect, and it helps that she knows how to tackle the soft parts with a perfected shimmer that only the likes of Tracey Thorn or Corrine Bailey Rae can do without left eyebrows raised.

On “After All,” Swissy brushes with the breezy ambiance of confessional intimacy, her voice simmering in the sparest of settings as if love has taken over her world with ethereal glow. She carries the entire song without losing the momentum, floating atop stripped-back keyboards and guitar tender bits with a jazzy flair. But more than her syrupy vocals, the production gives the song its slickness that verges on manicured quality, helping Swissy achieve the carefree, folk-pop sound that underpins her early recordings. Stream the track below:

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