December 10, 2012

NEW TRACK: Your Imaginary Friends - "Your Silence Is The Villain"

Taking cues from bands such as Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Yuck, Your Imaginary Friends unabashedly show their love for crossover alt-rock, aiming for a chorus that gets stuck in your head for weeks while taking its already swoony, melodic rush to a higher plateau. There’s no escaping it, really. From the casually thrilling girl-boy harmonies that accompany their mesmeric homage to the decade that birthed us Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins and Lemonheads to Ahmad’s hurtful words of goodbye, their new single “Your Silence Is A Villain” clearly shoots up for perfect pop ambition, a bigger crest of sound that’s bolder, brighter and more accessible—without even having to sell their souls to the public. But even with their shiny makeover, Your Imaginary Friends remain as low-profile and fuzzed out as possible, passing the torch of that glorious ‘90s sound with a refined edge rather than embracing it fully.


  1. Thanks Ian. :) great to be reviewed and featured by a writer with good taste.



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