January 17, 2013

NEW TRACK: Archaster - "Oakwood Avenue"

Archaster could not be more spot-on when he described his music as “afternoon lullaby for the melancholic-alcoholic”. “Oakwood Avenue,” the last track on his five-song EP Would You Like Some Tea? is best listened to in the comfort of your own room, windows just slightly open to see the spirals of dust follow the train of sunlight while nursing a glass of your favorite liquor. This dreamy track opens with a tambourine tap forming alongside a darker piano tune in the background. The combination of the two different spectrums seems to be the perfect intro to the baritone and smooth vocals. You feel as if you are tiptoeing on very flat grounds because of the even rhythm sustained all throughout the track – which isn’t a bad thing. If consistency is what he was aiming for, it was consistency that he served on a platter. You can just imagine a deep slumber induced by this modern lullaby. When you listen to this, take it all in and feel weightless as you imagine in your mind a walk along the Oakwood Avenue of your imagination. via Weng Cahiles

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