January 9, 2013

NEW TRACK: Black Sheep Boy - "Morning After Pill"

I’m not exactly sure what this means, but there’s a seductive allure about how Black Sheep Boy redefines ‘90s slow jam with introspective, post-millennial approach. In its own darkroom drama, “Morning After Pill” takes us to the hazy aftermath of infidelity, a night-time R&B lament that finds itself drowning in melancholic sendoff. Entwined with cold, shuddered atmosphere and drugged sonics reminiscent of How To Dress Well’s nocturnal internet-soul, Black Sheep Boy sings in near tears, unmistakably stuck in the trappings of post-coital affection. “I’m afraid to wake you up cause your dreams feel more real than me,” he confides as he looks at the girl sleeping next beside him.  Pump this jam on full volume and prepare a tissue for a great ugly-cry. Stream the track below:

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