January 9, 2013

NEW TRACK: Clarence Garcia - "Reset # 1"

One thing that post rock musicians distinctly and abundantly offer their listeners is the vast soundscape that stretches into unbounded territories and realms unknown, never cinched in its ability to move and liberate an audience.

‘Reset # 1′ by Tide/Edit’s frontman Clarence Garcia is no different. The beauty lies in its disparaging combination of somber strings and percussions that complemented each other, resulting to a graceful burst of melodies and plethoric textures, less measured and steeper than expected. Its atmospheric bands are bundled into a tight coil, allowing no empty spaces, but only exhilarating echoes in your wake. Moreover, its slow and abrupt descend is almost contrite, as if letting the air thin out and allowing you to catch your breath. via Mary Christine Galang

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