January 16, 2013

NEW TRACK: Eyedress - "Old Fashioned Ways"

Rather than brewing some serious magic on his own, Idris Vicuna recruits his beatmaker friends Similar Objects and Justin De Guzman on a funky, sci-fi R&B that shoots itself to the outerspace in rubbery motion. The new track is called “Old Fashioned Ways,” and it’s the kind of futurist music that plays not only on the feel that it wants to project, but on the layers of paranoid noise and galactic synths exploding repeatedly in fireworks display. Eyedress and friends juggle so many trendy styles in a single stroke, exhausting new tricks to come up with a minimalist banger. And it sounds all the more groovy with every bend and continuity, ready to transport you in some cosmic dancefloor somewhere in 2046. Stream it below:

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