January 14, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Gentle Isolation - "Alone For A While"

Lilystars-signed The Gentle Isolation recently came up with a new demo called "Alone For A While." Like what you'd normally expect from this Bulacan-based twee-pop group, it's a track that perfectly encapsulates the quintessence of nostalgia and quiet smiles.

This sonic dress-up brings in the familiar feeling of longing and waiting masked in an exuberant yet peculiar tone that is full of childlike wonder and self-assurance. Perhaps its charm lies in the daydreamy vocals that leave fine wisps of felicity to the ear. Or perhaps it's all about the retrogression in the latter half that triggers a blissful vibe; one that makes you feel like you've finally demystified the idiosyncrasies of life, as if you're just waiting for the closing credits to roll. via Klaris Chua

Stream it below and download it here.

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