January 30, 2013

NEW TRACK: Howler Flavors - "Strange Machines"

Rock n’ roll never gets old. There’s always someone new coming along that would reinvent the heavily-rooted sound by the baddest rules. Garage-punk duo Howler Flavors work on this premise, fusing The White Stripes’ bare-bones energy with raw aggression and good-time kicks. And they seemed to channel all these elements in the sing-shout messiness of “Strange Machines”—a track that tosses psychedelic blues guitars, bruised drums, gleeful noise and handclaps into dinosaur-rock stomp. It is in parts, insane and ill-tempered, well sort of a musical equivalent of a husband-and-wife rabid catfight in the basement, but a compellingly fun experience to hear if you’re into that kind of yowl. Download it here.

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