January 6, 2013

NEW TRACK: Miki Hahn - "Eye Know" (Produced by Eyedress)

Miki Hahn’s soulful R&B vocals blend nicely with Eyedress’ slow, pulsating and otherworldly beat on their new track "Eye Know." The advent of trippy electronic melodies accompanying vocals is a welcome change in the world of R&B (see: The Internet, Frank Ocean); Miki Hahn and Eyedress jump on that wave with this release.

Eyedress’ beat is simple, yet enticing in its haunting appropriateness to Hahn’s plaintive, filtered vocals. The track is a success in the sense that it conveys clearly the feelings of being lost, confused, and in search of sincerity. It’s a solid collaboration between the two artists, and a reflection of a new style we should all be watching out for. (Joey Gutierrez)

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