January 28, 2013

NEW TRACK: Moonwlk - "T.A.G. Look"

“T.A.G. Look,” a new song from the duo of Nicholas Lazaro (Twin Lobster) and Gabbi Buencamino, is a shot at the arm for those who want to veer away from sleepy and fuzzy tracks. The playful vibe of the song can be attributed to the musical style that Lazaro carried over from his other band, Twin Lobster. This isn’t a bad thing, though, because that is what Lazaro and Twin Lobster is known for – energetic guitar riffs and uptempo beats that will make it hard for you to stand still while listening to it.

The track opens with drumbeats followed by an infectious, jazzy electro pulse, both serving as the perfect backdrop for Buencamino’s smooth and clean vocals. Buencamino’s voice is a great addition to ever-strong female voices among new local artists. The song has the qualities of what can induce a Last Song Syndrome – simple yet addictive beat, a distinct musical texture and steady vibe on the vocals. The duo’s combination seems to be working on all levels and this song seems to be a good kickstart of more things to come. Listen to this song and be ready to hit the ‘repeat’ button a number of times.
via Weng Cahiles

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