January 17, 2013

NEW TRACK: Nights of Rizal x Aina Sevilla - "Goodnight"

The lullaby is one of the purest forms of music on the planet – a good nighttime melody can induce relaxation in even the most chronic insomniac. Indeed, lullabies are a testament to the psychological power of music.

Nights of Rizal and Aina Sevilla’s new track, "Goodnight," is not a lullaby per se, but explores similar themes with a distinct electronic flavor. The melody comes in slow and heavy, and the slight dissonance gives it a spacey feel. Sevilla’s voice, on the other hand, is sweet and sincere, and is reminiscent of that purity with which our mothers sang to us at our bedsides. The two musicians layer the notes and effects so skillfully that it’s hard not to think about how good their upcoming EP will turn out.

With this release, Aina Sevilla and Nights of Rizal prove that a lullaby need not be boring, and it need not put its listeners to sleep either; music lovers would enjoy this song just as much as any insomniac. "Goodnight," though, is really their new-age electro take on the classic lullaby. Listen to it before hitting the sack and letting the night wave over you – but don’t sleep on these two artists. via Joey Gutierrez

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