January 25, 2013

NEW TRACK: Our Numbered Days - "Carlos"

At first, the quiet intimacy of “Carlos” can make it easy to overlook the small, meaningful details and nuances layered in its effortless basement-folk arrangement. Upon repeated listens, it slowly reveals the kind of hushed loneliness that you often hear in Nick Drake and Jose Gonzales records, fragile yet delicate in its depiction of a young man mourning over the death of his loved one.

Like Color It Red’s “Paglisan,” Ridge Tan of Our Numbered Days cruises along these lines of poignant sentimentality with softly keened singing and gently strummed guitars. He renders an elegy that hits a perfect balance between melancholy and serenity, his delivery—as sad sack as it is gently uplifting, made all the more affecting by sparse vocal harmonies spewing an air of hope and sunshine despite its lyrics hanging heavy with cold hopelessness and surrealism. Descriptions such as “rare talent” are pretty much thrown around all the time these days, and Ridge Tan shows that he fits the bill of someone who makes deeply moving songs that are not quite like anything you’ve heard and felt before. And “Carlos” is a living proof that someone this effortlessly capable of writing hymns about death and pain, can make so much impact and warmth regardless if he's an established personality in the music biz or a struggling newcomer sharing his song to the world. Stream it below and download it here.

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