January 8, 2013

NEW TRACK: Sheila and the Insects - "Pretty Loser"

“Pretty Loser” is every bit as immediately indelible and charming as “Everyday Drive,” “Quick to Panic” and “Maude,” echoing spritely, the great pop experience in crisp chiming guitars, widescreen melodies and witty songwriting. Sheila and the Insects has always been great at exploring miserablist mope in the gloomy, post-punk surface of things, but this time around, they veer away from anything that has to do with self-loathing and heartbreak. On “Pretty Loser,” you can practically hear Orven Enoveso charm his way to this eccentric, misunderstood girl with fascination and creep, putting as much attention into the male stereotypes of women as plunging into the portrayal of how unrequited love can sometimes be this all-consuming weird. And yet there they were, regardless of scope and style, making compelling music for roughly two decades already. Stream the track below:

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