January 7, 2013

NEW TRACK: Spazzkid - "Kokeshi Doll"

Most of the time, electronic music comes out sounding mechanical and robotic. Making a track out of synthesized electro beats and digital textures that, as a whole, still sounds real is  a rare skill usually found in only the best and most experienced musicians. Spazzkid shows off this expertise – and many others – on his new track “Kokeshi Doll.”

“Kokeshi Doll” starts off very delicately, with its ethereal samples and spacey synth lines drawing you in. You detect several familiar sounds – traces of hip-hop in the beat, experimental riffs, pitch bending, and even a faintly oriental-sounding hook – but are aware that the song is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The track is decidedly electronic, but with all the necessary elements stitched together in a way that makes it sound and feel organic. The best kind of electronic musician is one who can, even with hardware that is cold and supposedly lifeless, make you feel the music in all its living beauty. In this regard, Spazzkid is a natural. (Joey Gutierrez)

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