January 26, 2013

NEW TRACK: Techy Romantics Feat. Somedaydream - "New Frontier"

Unabashed youthfulness and surreal imagery permeates this collaboration between the sleek and modern indie dance trio of Techy Romantics and the sparkly, boy-next-door of Somedaydream (Rez Toledo). It's a clear testimony of how synth/technopop-laced music and heartfelt sentimentality, when juxtaposed, can provide pure and innocent fun, and at the same time allow you to get in touch with all your senses (for a more saccharine effect, perhaps). Instead of dwelling upon how Toledo sounds like Ben Gibbard on estrogen or how TR always reminds you of that crazy/embarrassing drunken party night, think of "New Frontier" as your quintessential chaste dance tune and let its uplifting, pop-leaning EDM naturally grow on you. via Klaris Chua

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