January 21, 2013

NEW TRACK: Uela Feat. Rye x Artstrong - "Love Is What You Do"

Chillitees first album Extra Rice has that rare kind of urbane sophistication and endearing charm that it was difficult to imagine they could even make a record that could at least match the debut’s awesomeness. Dan Gil, who happened to produce the bulk of last decade’s finest R&B—from Julianne’s “Unsaid” to Bituin Escalante’s overlooked “Ur Luv Thang”—may be the perfect collaborator for Uela, capturing the frontwoman’s silky croon at its most in-the-moment despite punctuating every sensual vibe with horn stabs and carefree retro sensibility.

On Uela’s solo single post-Chillitees, Dan Gil gives the same treatment that works best for Uela—that organic mix of laid-back lite soul and warm keyboard tones in Extra Rice topped with Midas touch of shiny pop production. As usual, Uela is all sweat and sexy on this without trying too hard; sweet midtempo lilt seems second nature to her. Ryan Armamento of Sun Valley Crew drops a few delicate lines while Artstrong provides a stirring vocal performance that complements Uela’s pillowy singing. Once again, Dan Gil has opened up the possibility of recreating the mellower end of R&B into retro-modern gloss and without fetishizing on trends, he went back to old school route and gave Uela a glorious new track that worms its way right into your heart and soul. Stream it below and download here.

1 comment:

  1. Cool, sexy and laid back. I can listen to it over and over and not get tired of singing along.



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