January 13, 2013

NEW VIDEO: KaapiN - "Everyone's The Same"

Perhaps this should not surprise us, but our comrades from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City have been doing a pretty good job stretching their creativity to unimagined levels. KaapiN, whose members Michael Nuesca and Rotsanjani Mojica could give their Manila counterpart a run for their gas, continues to make eclectic, post-internet pop brimming with forward-thinking ideas and gaily soundscapes.

Their first single “Everyone’s the Same,” which we described in a recent review as a “wallop of cyborg ideas that articulates the new kind of loneliness and longing brought about by our constant connectedness,” is now out with a lovely video directed by Katrina Tan Conte. The music video mostly consists of Italian theater actress Lucia Palozzi touching and throwing rocks, hiking in the mountains as if searching for life’s infinite secrets. It’s a startling visual experience that carries a real sting in its tail, and for what it’s worth, captures emotional warmth in postcard delights. Watch the video below:

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