January 20, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Skint Eastwood - "Triduum (Three Days of Darkness)"

Shot in black and white, the video for Skint Eastwood’s hauntwave banger “Triduum (Three Days of Darkness)” looks like a scene in one of those post-apocalyptic movies that we’ve grown to like, following the lead character (played by Skint herself) on her pursuit to survival in the countryside. On the video, Skint stumbles upon an abandoned hospital. She walks aimlessly inside, perhaps searching for some company and a place to stay, but to her disappointment—all she could find are war-torn walls, empty rooms, a deserted bus, seeping in cold emptiness and ghosted ruins. The talented, all-around guy Idris Vicuna directs this atmospheric shortie, going beyond the call of gimmickries and plot-driven clichés to come up with something simple and refreshing, yet fangs with gripping solace. Watch the video below:

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