February 5, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: Similar Objects - inner temple (2013)

Whether you’re listening to today’s most mainstream pop album or the deepest underground artists (yes, the ones you knew about before any of us did), you can probably hear it: electronic music in the notes and instruments, weaved into the very fabric of the songs. Many could say and few would disagree: electronic music is the wave of the future.

Similar Objects rides this wave with grace and skill on his newly released EP, inner temple. It’s another journey into the depths of the beatmaker’s mind, but more than that, it’s an invitation for us to explore our own inner temples. In fact, the same process of exploration is what brought the EP into existence. Jorge Wieneke, the brainchild behind Similar Objects, found himself in a nostalgic mood one day and unearthed old tracks from his hard drive, pairing them with a couple of new tracks he had made towards the end of last year. What was the common denominator? “Even though they were all made in a different timeline they still had a unifying element weaving themselves together in some way,” Jorge says. “These songs like thoughts were all immortalized in my inner temple, and in there it was all raw.”

If the songs in his head were raw, the actual product is far from it. Listening to the new material, you can hear the refinement and fine-tuning that goes into the making of the music. And because all of Similar Objects’ previous releases are available at the click of a button, you could literally sit down and hear how his sound has matured over the years. Listen to the intricate and frenetic details juxtaposed against a druggy, hazy and ambient background on "Temple Thoughts" and "Window Light," and you’ll be surprised that the artist is still able to churn out fresh concepts each time. According to Wieneke, the process is simpler than it sounds: “It usually all just comes together when it does.”

That could be the best way to summarize what Similar Objects is about – all these samples, sounds, and influences coming together, in good taste and in good time. Inner Temple is only one of many releases that showcase this talent, as Similar Objects is only one of many electronic Pinoy artists making quality music (our only job is to find it).  A- 
via Joey Gutierrez

Download the EP here


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