February 13, 2013

KILIG. A Valentine's Day Mixtape

It’s easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a shallow Hallmark holiday capitalizing on our innate desires to feel loved. But there’s something about it, riddled with fondness or shame, which gets us in the sentimental mood all day long.

On our end, we thought of doing a Valentine’s Day Mixtape to celebrate that kind of upswing, intense feeling that you want to let out, but just can’t. And because we can’t freeze the moment for you, a bunch of hopeless romantic songs might serve as perfect companions to your lonesome or happy days  and in-between, skewing love the way you want it done. Most of them are love songs, but we’ve thrown some heartbreak-fueled tunes too, in case you want a slice of your own bitterness.

Download it HERE. It’s entirely free, just like the vast ocean that is the internet. Enjoy!

01 Fando and LisGusto
02 A Problem Like MariaCrazy He Calls Me (Billie Holiday cover)
03 SwissyAfter All
04 ArchasterCafé Downtown
05 Your Imaginary FriendsIn Washington Drive
06 KidstuffIt’s Only Fire
07 SkymarinesHappiness
08 PancakesWhere The Cheese Sun Shines
09 Our Numbered DaysCarlos
10 Eyedress x Skint Eastwood - Nobody (Keith Sweat cover)
11 Uela Feat. Rye/ArtstrongLove Is What You Do (Produced by Dan Gil)
12 Tradewinds Sailing ClubThe Saddest Goodbye

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