February 28, 2013

NEW TRACK: Bee Eyes - "Dasma Girl" (Studio Version)

Regular people are envious of musicians because of their ability to express their deepest emotions and secret thoughts through creating beautiful music, and their ability to look so cool while doing so. Unfortunately, regular people don’t often have the time or inclination to get up and make music, or have tried and made fools of themselves instead, so we wait for the real musicians to experience something vaguely similar to our own experiences, and claim that they were reading our minds while writing said song. “Soundtrack of my life right now!” “This is my song!”

Bee Eyes newly mixed release, Dasma Girl, should do just that for the more love-struck listeners out there. Bee Eyes has been playing it for quite some time now, but now you can hear it in its full cosmic glory. It has more elements of chill wave than any other recorded version we’ve heard, with some blues thrown in there too. In the vocals you can hear love and longing, and the druggy waves of sound are supplemented nicely by excellent plucking in the foreground, all making up the emotional heaviness of the track. Bee Eyes creates an atmosphere perfect for sitting and reminiscing, or if you’re lucky, actually looking your lover in the eye and mouthing out the words for her.

In any case, it’s a nicely made track, and definitely worth a listen. Many have been in love, but few know how to express this way, the way musicians have been doing it since forever. For the rest of us, it’s a constant search for that one song that expresses what we feel at the moment. Lovers, look no more: this is your song! via Joey Gutierrez

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